Liberal Party

It’s A Joyce Choice

Barnaby Joyce is the new leader of the Nationals Party in Australia. Since the Liberals (in name only) govern in a coalition with the Nationals, that makes Barnaby the deputy Prime Minister of Australia. This is frightening stuff, as Mr. Joyce is far more conservative than the right wing of … [continued]

Shock Australian National Election Victory Bodes Ill For Climate & Clean Energy

Australia went to the polls on Saturday in a long-awaited Federal election whose conclusion was so far beyond doubt the bookmakers decided to pay out a day or so in advance, but the conclusion was not to me, and the Coalition Government was returned to power in a shock election victory which will likely severely curtail the country’s climate and clean energy policy.

Australian State Election Portends National Boost To Renewable Energy Sector

The Victorian Labor Party was re-elected to power in the State’s Saturday election this past weekend in a victory that is being described as “stunning,” “a landslide,” and a “bloodbath.” In fact, the Labor Party will return to power with more seats than have been held in over 15 years, delivering the party a strong mandate that includes important policies on climate change and renewable energy.

Things Continue To Look Up For Australian Renewable Energy Industry

The Australian renewable energy industry continues to receive good tidings from the new-look Liberal Party. Speaking to The Australian Financial Review, Environment Minister Greg Hunt (who kept his position in the recent Liberal Party leadership change), has reaffirmed the belief that Australia’s new leadership structure will be more focused on supporting the country’s renewable … [continued]