LG batteries

Cable-Shaped Batteries with a Twist

  LG Chem, a manufacturer of batteries, has been developing lithium-ion cable batteries which are flexible, knottable, and can be integrated into textiles and headphone cords. The flexibility of these batteries and the benefits of that are reminiscent of flexible solar panels, which can be integrated into almost anything, and … [continued]

Lithium-Ion Battery Market to Grow 700% by 2017, New Report Finds

  Pike Research has just come out with a new market research report, “Electric Vehicle Batteries.” The report, which ranks what it thinks are the top 10 Lithium-ion battery companies, finds that market revenue for Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries for transportation (EVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) “will grow over 700%, from $2.0 billion annually in … [continued]