Level 2 Charging

Driving A Tesla Model S To The Polish Boonies

As you’ve probably read, a handful of guys and I recently got a Tesla Model S 85D for an intercity European Tesla Shuttle service we’re launching based out of Wroclaw, Poland. This last weekend, I rented the Tesla myself (but with no personal driver, unfortunately) to pick my family up from my in-laws’ “summer house” (lake house in the middle of nowhere). This place is really off the beaten track, in what I think we’d call “the boonies” in the United States.

EV Charging Convenience, Reliability, Accessibility, & Future Needs (CleanTechnica Electric Car Driver Report)

It was with a great degree of curiosity that we explored EV charging experiences and needs by type of EV and region for our latest EV report. What’s the story for Tesla drivers, non-Tesla fully electric car drivers, and plug-in hybrid drivers? What’s the story for Americans vs Europeans? We already covered the desire and demand for fast charging and superfast charging in a previous section, but we dive much more into other charging matters here. Jump down below the line for the results.

Obama’s EV Infrastructure Aims: Many EV Charging Companies Should Be The Solution, Not Just The…

By Bill Williams, Business Development Manager at Telefonix, Inc. The need for EV infrastructure is finally getting national attention, thanks to Obama’s new $4.5 billion loan program. “Public” locations are not the only thing needed to overcome range anxiety, however. “Workplace Charging” was mentioned in the White House press release as well. … [continued]