How the Stimulus Bill Helps Green Building

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was signed into law by President Obama in February to stimulate the sagging US economy. As it is the most comprehensive and lucrative sustainability bill ever passed, it sets a serious standard for the United States government and its people to follow. Besides being very complicated there are both negative and positive aspects to this bill, which I breakdown as best as I can.

McDonald's Going Green?

[social_buttons] In recent posts on Planetsave and EcoWorldy about moratoria on soya and cattle products related to Amazon destruction, it was mentioned that McDonald’s is helping to save the Amazon. With the company also delving into green building, progressive energy saving software, and charging stations for electric vehicles, is McDonald’s … [continued]

NASA Plans Self-Sustaining Green Building

[social_buttons] NASA claims it’s currently planning what would be the greenest building in the federal government. To be called the Sustainability Base, this is slated to be one of NASA’s most ambitious eco-friendly projects. The $20.6 million building will utilize current alternative energy technologies such as water recycling systems, fuel … [continued]

'Make it white' Chu says to Stewart

[social_buttons] Energy Secretary Steven Chu was recently on the Daily Show, with a carbon reduction strategy that is readily applicable: cool off our roofs. Your home or office building has to endure the solar radiation it receives from the sun on a daily basis.  Much of this radiation gets transferred … [continued]