LED research

LED Lights Image Credit: Lights via Flickr CC

LED “Efficiency Droop” Problem Solved

One of the key obstacles to the wider adoption of LED lighting may have just been solved, nearly 15 years after its discovery — the mechanism behind the flaw known as “efficiency droop” has finally been identified, potentially leading the way to new techniques/technologies to address it. Efficiency droop is … [continued]

Researchers use a black light to show the photo-luminescence of their silicon nanoparticles. (Image Credit: Mary Levin, UW)

Cheaper LEDs From Silicon-based Nanoparticles?

Via the good folks at the University of Washington, here’s some positive LED research news. With some luck, these researchers might just help to bring down the price of LEDs. Check out the full repost. By Michelle Ma Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are the most efficient and environmentally friendly light … [continued]