last-mile deliveries

Image: Screenshot from Scootility website

Electric Cargo & Utility Scooters Could Be An Apt Form Factor For Deliveries

The delivery of goods and services in urban areas can be a big source of air pollution and traffic congestion, and although e-bikes and electric cargo bikes are starting to make inroads into what was previously only the domain of vans and trucks, there’s another type of small electric vehicle … [continued]

Gogoro & Zypp Electric Announce Strategic Partnership To Accelerate The Electric Transformation Of 2-Wheel Last…

  In Delhi, India, Gogoro Inc. and Zypp Electric have announced a strategic B2B initiative and partnership that will accelerate the urban shift of logistics fleets and last-mile deliveries to electric using battery swapping. Gogoro is one of the global leaders in battery-swapping technologies offering sustainable mobility solutions to cities. … [continued]

ImaliPay & eBee Are Lowering The Barriers To Entry For The Adoption Of E-Bikes In…

ImaliPay, a fast-growing Pan-African and VC-backed one-stop-shop financial services platform focused on offering credit, savings, and insurance via a single channel or API to Africa’s gig economy platforms, has recently partnered with eBee to lower the barriers for workers in the on-demand delivery sector to have access to cleaner and … [continued]