Kyoto Protocol

Canada’s Conservatives’ Principles Ignore Climate, COVID, Great Recession, & BLM

We would expect a set of principles and policies adopted in 2021 to address climate change, COVID-19, the economy and discrimination with robust measures. It’s not that all governmental policies should be focused on these four major themes. Governance is complex and nuanced. But there should be acknowledgement of each of them and substantial sections devoted to conservative thinking around these very real concerns.

Hot-Button Issues In The Climate Talks

From the original blog of Dr. Timothy Cadman, Research Fellow at Griffith University Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law, Coffs Harbour Area, Australia.  … Sources have identified several key issues that have emerged in preliminary climate talks. Most governmental Parties to the Convention (155 so far) have now submitted their nationally determined contributions to reducing … [continued]

China Leads Renewable Energy Push In Asia-Pacific, Says GlobalData

The Asia-Pacific Region continues to move toward renewable energy, with China leading the way and becoming a major global player. These are some of the conclusions from GlobalData’s Asia-Pacific Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2015, which finds that many countries throughout the Asia-Pacific Region “have adopted policy instruments such as Feed-in Tariffs … [continued]