AMA Announces National Motocross Championship For Electric Motorcycles

There aren’t any series to race electric motorcycles in because there aren’t enough electric motorcycles to build a series around, so nobody builds electric motorcycles for racing because there aren’t any series to race electric motorcycles in. But you’ll love this good news coming from the AMA: it is launching a brand-new Mini-E Jr. national championship class that’s specifically designed for young riders on electric motorcycles!

4 Solar & 8 Transport Stories Not To Miss

Some clean transport and solar power stories you probably don’t want to miss: Transport The Arrogance Of Space High-Speed Trains Good For Quality Of Life, Economy, Air, Climate, Society… Rail Competitive With Air Between Many US Cities Housing Near Transit = Good Investment (Also see the APTA press release and the Streetsblog story) DIY … [continued]

KTM Producing Off-Road Electric Motorcycle

While this week’s news of an upcoming self-balancing electric unicycle was certainly exciting (and strange), KTM’s announcement today about its electric off-road motorcycle may be even better. The company claims that it has produced a quiet motorcycle prototype with up to 35 horsepower and the ability to run for 40 … [continued]