Hyundai is banking on carbon fiber and other advanced materials to gain an edge in the hot electric vehicle market.

Hyundai Enlists Toray For Electric Vehicle Makeover

Electric vehicles are good, but they can always be better. That’s the motivation behind the big news about Hyundai’s newly announced partnership with the advanced materials firm Toray Industries. The two companies are mum on the details, but a quick look at Toray’s product lineup indicates that carbon fiber is … [continued]

Site of Jeju Hallim Offshore Wind Farm. Image courtesy of Root Energy.

Root Energy Completes Korea’s 1st Offshore Wind Resident Participation Program

Root Energy Inc., Korea’s leading renewable energy local acceptance solution provider as well as a certified B Corp, has successfully raised KRW 20 billion (approx. $15 million) crowdfunded by residents of Suwon-ri, Hallim-eup, Jeju Island. It allows Korea’s largest offshore wind farm Jeju Hallim Offshore Wind to meet qualification for … [continued]

Image courtesy: POEN

POEN Extends The Lifespan Of EV Battery Packs With Novel Remanufacturing Process

What’s better than a brand new EV battery? A recycled EV battery. What’s better than a recycled EV battery? A remanufactured EV battery. At least that’s what Seoul-based EV battery remanufacturing startup POEN thinks.  That stands for POsitive ENergy which makes sense given the great work they’re doing to help transition the … [continued]