MAX & Kofa Partner for TAILG Jidi Electric Motorcycle Financing in Ghana

Lagos-headquartered MAX describes itself as a technology-enabled company driven by a vision to solve mobility challenges in Africa. MAX has over fourteen branches across Nigeria, Cameroon, and Ghana. It says its work helps to democratise access to vehicle ownership and empower mobility entrepreneurs with financial support services. MAX’s website adds … [continued]

Images courtesy of Kofa

Kofa Unveils The TAILG Jidi Electric Motorcycle: A Game-Changer for Africa’s Gig Workers

Last year, we reported that Kofa, a Ghanaian company focusing on battery swap networks, and TAILG were jointly developing a battery swap enabled electric motorcycle called Jidi. Kofa says based on the advantages of its batteries and battery swap networks, the Jidi will reduce rider costs by up to 30%. … [continued]