TAUR Is Launching An Electric Scooter Built For The Road

In 2019, TAUR, which is based out of London, was co-founded by Richard Adey and Carson Brown. Richard Adey, TAUR’s CEO, has worked at the Tesla Gigafactory, where he focused on electric vehicle technology. The co-founders gathered a team with experience not only at Tesla, but also at Apple, Ford, and Uniwheel. The goal is to create a new and fresh electric scooter that can be driven on the road, safely.

iWEECH Wants To Be The Tesla Of eBikes

If you’ve test driven a Tesla or other electric vehicles, you know that the electric drive is only part of what sets them apart. Advanced electronic features, integrated into the very heart of the vehicle, make driving an EV easier than ever. This is especially true for its built-in Trip Planner capabilities, telling you how to get there and how long to charge at each charging stop. A new company, iWEECH, aims to do the same for eBikes with its “artificial intelligence” bike.