keystone xl pipeline

Approving The Keystone XL Pipeline Is About North America’s Energy Future

Alberta’s oil industry won a symbolic victory. President Trump calls his approval of the Keystone XL pipeline “a great day for jobs and energy independence” in the United States. Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB) admits the industry is not using its current pipeline capacity and adding more pipelines is “not consistent with the Paris Accord’s commitment to keep (global) warming to two degrees Celsius, or its aspirational goal of limiting it to 1.5 degrees Celsius.”

Republican Presidential Frontrunners Extremely Anti-Environment/Health (Unprecedented)

The top contenders for the Republican presidential nomination have repeatedly indicated extreme anti-environmental policy preferences, demonstrating to an unprecedented degree lack of concern for the tremendous health costs of pollution. (Note: A study led by the former — now deceased — head of the Harvard Medical School found that the health … [continued]