Kazuhiro Tsuga

Panasonic Capitalizes On Tesla Partnership, Eyes Expansion In China & Beyond

Panasonic confirmed in recent days that it has not locked in a deal yet with Tesla for its Chinese Gigafactory. Several Panasonic executives commented on the matter, noting that plans are “not solidified yet” and that “nothing is set in stone.” It’s unclear if that’s glass-half-full or glass-half-empty commentary, but the next line leads one to think it’s in the plans.

Panasonic CEO Says Tesla Model 3 Production Bottleneck Is “Now Understood” — Battery Pack Production…

The CEO of Panasonic, the co-operator of Tesla’s so-called Gigafactory in Nevada, recently made comments that the Tesla Model 3 production bottleneck was “now understood” and that battery pack production was soon to be automated. … That’s a rather interesting reveal, suggesting that battery pack production has been a major bottleneck and that hand production has largely been the standard at the facility to date.