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Want To Be A Techno-Optimist? Here Are Some Basic Guidelines

We have the solutions to solve the problems facing us. It doesn’t take new tech, it takes deploying the tech we have and innovating around it, much more than inventing new gizmos. That’s the techno-optimist utopia that makes sense for the coming decades, not a laboratory experiment or insolation geoengineering pipedream. We don’t have to fix every problem, just the pressing ones without creating too many new ones.

Investigations Into Tesla Fremont Factory — Investigative Journalism? Hit Pieces? Misinformed? Too Accurate?

Journalistic integrity is a hot topic these days, and rightly so. A free press is absolutely necessary for democracy, technological and social progress, and other nice things. However, with press freedom come responsibilities: among other things, not to cherry pick facts to support a preconceived conclusion, and not to quote sources without revealing when they have a personal stake in an issue.