Japan Tariffs

Japan Solar Market Receives $300 Million Investment

Two leading clean energy private equity funds have entered into an agreement that will see $300 million invested into Japan’s solar power market. Hudson Clean Energy Partners has committed to invest $300 million in solar power projects being developed by Adenium Energy Capital, supporting the development of solar power projects through long-term equity … [continued]

20.91 GW Of New Solar Approved In Japan Through May

Originally published on Lenz Blog. (embedded tweet added) やっと出ました!2013年5月末までのFIT設備認定および運転開始状況。H24年度中の運転開始は約2GW、設備認定は21GWに。再生可能エネルギー発電設備の導入状況を公表します(平成25年5月末時点)(METI/経済産業省) – http://t.co/7cpezSUsBC — 松原弘直 (@matsubara_hiro) August 20, 2013 The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Trade just published figures for renewable energy under the new feed-in tariff law in force since last July. Thanks to this tweet by Hiro Matsubara for the link. To state … [continued]

Japan Offers Loans For Rooftop PV Generation

For several years now, Japan has been on the solar map, being one of the leading manufacturers of solar panels and in the top 5 ranking for countries with the most solar PV installed. Since the Fukushima accident, Japan has been looking to solar even more in order to replace nuclear … [continued]

Japanese Feed-In Tariff Updates

Reposted from Lenz Blog with permission: On Friday, the Japanese Ministry of Economy and Industry decided to follow the recommendations of the expert committee I reported on earlier. It’s now official. Small rooftop solar will get 38 yen (around 40.3 cents U.S or 31.5 cents Euro at today’s rates), and everything over 10 … [continued]

1,119 MW Of Solar Added In Japan

If you have been following clean energy news from Japan, you know the aggressive goals the country has. The government has been spurring renewable energy growth with an alluring feed-in tariff and apparently it has been working. Japan has added just over 1 GW of solar to its previous total … [continued]