The award winning Andalou Isuzu Citivolt 12 e-Bus. (Photo from Anadalou Isuzu Facebook page)

Turkish Busmaker Anadolu Isuzu Wins Busworld Award, Will Deliver 100+ Buses Before End Of The…

Isuzu just a launched its flat floor Erga EV bus at the Japan Mobility Show. It was declared a first for the brand. But little is known, at least in this part of the world, that Isuzu has been experimenting with battery-powered buses since 2018 in Turkey. In 1984, Isuzu … [continued]

The Giga Hydrogen powered truck and Erga EV Bus are Isuzu’s highlights at its Japan Mobility Show Booth (Photo from Isuzu Media Center)

Isuzu Unveils Its 1st Electric Bus

Isuzu just unveiled the Erga EV bus, claiming it to be the world’s first battery electric flat-floor route bus. It was unveiled at the first Japan Mobility Show (formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show) on October 25. It is scheduled to launch in Japan in 2024.  The Erga EV … [continued]

South Africa Could Miss Out On EVolution

Elon Musk’s home town of Pretoria recently hosted the Smarter Mobility Africa 2019 Summit, where the future of South Africa’s automotive manufacturing industry was one of the major sessions. According its website, “Smarter Mobility Africa brings together mobility thought leaders from business and government to consider, collaborate, co-create and consolidate efforts for accelerating the transition to electric and smart mobility.” Some of the discussions zoned in on how international markets are preparing for the transition to electromobility and how South Africa’s motor vehicle manufacturing industry could be impacted by this shift.