Hot-Button Issues In The Climate Talks

From the original blog of Dr. Timothy Cadman, Research Fellow at Griffith University Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law, Coffs Harbour Area, Australia.  … Sources have identified several key issues that have emerged in preliminary climate talks. Most governmental Parties to the Convention (155 so far) have now submitted their nationally determined contributions to reducing … [continued]

Stigma & The Case For A Simplified UN-Speak

In part 1 of the series “Whose English Are We Talking About, Anyway?” we dug beneath this week’s story from Nature Climate Change about the readability of the UN’s Summaries for Policymakers of the scientific/economic findings of the international panel (IPCC). Part 2 went into the world’s myriad varieties of … [continued]

Whose English Are We Talking About, Anyway? (IPCC, Part 2)

This article examines why readers — including journalists — find it hard to understand the UN’s summaries of climate change issues. The organization aims these documents toward policymakers in the international community. The second installment continues the discussion started here. Colonial expansion transported the English language worldwide over the past … [continued]

Readability Analysis Disses IPCC Policy Summaries

A report published today casts some doubt on the efficacy of current United Nations efforts toward worldwide climate change mitigation and adaptation. The reputed journal Nature Climate Change published the investigation. In it, an international team of researchers at KEDGE Business School (a French school of management), the University of … [continued]