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Groups Look to Locally Grown Solar Power to Revitalize Ohio Communities

Locally Grown Power and IdealPV are partnering with Mansfield, Ohio’s NECIC to launch the first of what it believes can be a series of local, community-centered, and vertically integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) businesses. Private and public in nature, NECIC and Locally Grown Power’s public-private business development model addresses several critical issues faced by communities across the county: job creation, local government fiscal problems, and the rising cost of energy amongst them.

Locally Produced, Consumed Solar Power & Inventor Nationalism: A New Model to Spur US Manufacturing…

Prolific inventor and Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur Kent Kernahan and partners believe they’re on to a way for US inventors, and local governments and communities to play a direct, pivotal role in revitalizing US manufacturing and job growth. Through their latest ventures, Ideal PV and Locally Grown Power, they’re looking to leverage Kernahan’s latest solar power innovations in building solar PV panel plants with local governments and community groups that will produce and consume clean, renewable power locally and sustainably over the long term.