Inter-American Development Bank

IRENA & IDB Commit $300,000 To Six Renewable Energy Projects In Latin America And The…

The International Renewable Energy Agency and the Inter-American Development Bank have committed $300,000 to help develop six renewable energy projects across Latin America and the Caribbean. Announced on Thursday, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) Sustainable Energy Marketplace for Latin America and the Caribbean have announced they … [continued]

Latin America Clean Energy Investments Surged 127% Higher In 2012

Clean energy investments soared higher in Latin America in 2012 amid an overall, global contraction. Four Latin American countries registered triple-digit percentage increases, with Brazil leading the way in terms of dollars invested. The data was released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance in advance of ACORE’s third Latin America & Caribbean Renewable Energy Finance Forum, which is being held in Miami this week.

Old King Coal Needs New Energy Team

Can the coal industry ever become a partner to the renewable energy industry, searching for the higher good concerning this planet’s energy needs? With enough coal to last for over a century, is there even a need to worry about such matters – at least right now? Will King Coal eventually wither into an old maid bride’s maid?