Future Looking Bright For Envision Solar

This post first appeared on San Diego Loves Green by Roy L Hales Anyone who thinks that share price tells all should listen to’s interview with Envision Solar’s CEO, Desmond Wheatley. (Click here to access it.) During the past two year the company’s share price has dropped from 55 to … [continued]

How to Pick a Solar Power Installer

Solar energy has been around for decades, but its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Solar power is popping up in more and more conversations, in news articles and on the Web. The popularity of renewable energy is reminiscent of the dot-com boom of … [continued]

Windation Promises Bird-Free Rooftop Wind Energy

Windation Energy Systems has developed an urban-wind rooftop turbine designed for commercial and industrial buildings. Billed as “permit-ready” and “bird safe,” Windation’s 5 kW turbine resembles a commercial AC unit and leverages a proprietary vacuum system to purportedly amplify wind speed and boost energy output.  The company’s first installation is … [continued]

A Thin-Film Solar Panel Installation

  Many people envision solar power as rigid silicon panels mounted on a roof. With thin film solar cells, you’re more likely to not see them, or even know they’re there. This article is about a real-life thin film solar project. Not many bloggers are able to witness the technologies we research and write … [continued]