"Lavender Bee" by Bennilover is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

Imminent Insect Demise Means Global Food Web Is On Verge Of Collapse

The newest report from the World Entomology Body (WEB) is absolutely frightening. Buried in the late Friday afternoon news cycle, the most recent annual assessment available of insect health indicates that loss of whole insect communities is imminent — which will have disastrous effects for the global food web. The … [continued]

Future Of Food: Insects On The Menu

With world populations soaring, food production is set to see a bigger demand in our lifetime. But with land scarcity, overfishing, and threats from climate change, traditional animal farming is unsustainable, and organizations such as the United Nations believe it imperative to find new ways of sourcing food. Could the answer lie in insects?