Defending Against Car Hacking: Tips, Tricks, & Tesla (Infographic)

Connected cars require increased vigilance to ensure their safety. While some of today’s cars have documented vulnerabilities (e.g. the infamous hacked Jeep), Tesla has been steadfast in its efforts to defend against car-hacking efforts. The Silicon Valley automaker even works with “white hat” hackers to proactively identify and fix security flaws. And, Tesla’s robust efforts often involve substantial rewards.

Carbon Emissions, Climate Change, & The Various Effects — Great New Infographic

An interesting new infographic from “InformationisBeautiful” concerning carbon dioxide emissions and climate change recently came to my attention, and seemed worth sharing. The infographic goes over many, many things, including: the current rate of carbon emissions, the carbon ‘budget’ if we’re going to avoid a dangerous rise in temperature, current … [continued]

The Joy of Solar… Infographics

Originally published on Let the Sunshine In: A Solar Power Blog. In 2002 the Norwegian electronic music duo Röyksopp released their fourth single, “Remind Me.” To promote it, a French motion graphics studio named H5 was hired to produce a computer-animated music video, depicting a typical morning and workday of a … [continued]

Solar News: Home Energy Storage Market To Explode, Vivint Solar CEO Says Republican Congress Could…

Here are some more great solar stories from around the interwebs, to complement our own solar stories: For Consumers 1. Going Solar Made Easier By Online Shopping Site and Staples Gift Cards 2. New Financing Models to Drive Demand for Commercial Solar 3. Crowdfunding Solar Power for the World’s Poorest People 4. This Social … [continued]