Inductive charging

Graphic courtesy of Michigan DOT

Electrified Roads Are Coming To Michigan

Innovations in the electric vehicle (EV) world continue to amaze onlookers. Maximizing regenerative braking. The continual development of battery technology. Shared and connected transport systems. The growth of EVs has also infused a new focus on charging infrastructure and the deployment of wireless charging technology on pavements. Also known as … [continued]

BMW Jumps Into Wireless EV Charging — For Real

Charging an electric vehicle (EV) should be as convenient as refueling a gasoline car, if not better. While many carmakers try to find the best solutions, the simplest option is often overlooked. If you don’t have to plug in to charge, you never even have to realize that you are doing so. Wireless charging is a great out of sight, out of mind solution to keep your EV humming along. It has long been a bit of a distant option, but BMW is now offering it for new plug-in models.

New Smart Concept Car Self-Drives Personalised Mobility To You

Daimler revealed a new electric concept car this past week by introducing the Smart vision EQ fortwo, a car that combines familiar Smart design elements with some forward-thinking technology. Unsurprisingly, self-driving is front and centre of this concept, demonstrating Daimler’s commitment to its own car2go service, and asserting its intention to be a key player in the future of urban mobility.

Nissan Steps On Inductive Wireless Charging Pedal

Originally published on EV Obsession. There are already a number of wireless (that is to say, inductive) electric vehicle charging systems on the market, but the technology is still somewhat new and undeveloped, with most offerings being relatively low-power (and thus, slow-charging). That’s beginning to change, though, with automakers such as … [continued]

Wireless EV charging system courtesy of Evatran.

Toyota Licenses Wireless EV Charging Technology From WiTricity

WiTricity, a startup spun out of MIT, has announced that Toyota has licensed its inductive charging technology for electric vehicles, and that it intends to incorporate wireless charging capability into future cars. Wireless induction charging has been gaining recognition over the past few years as a convenient way to charge … [continued]