Indonesia Renewable Energy Target

Indonesia Plans To Set Up Renewable Energy Utility

The Indonesian Government is considering new steps to increase procurement of renewable energy as part of measures to achieve its stated renewable energy targets. According to media reports, the Indonesian Government has expressed its intention to set up a new utility dedicated to procure electricity from renewable energy projects. The government … [continued]

Indonesia Plans Incentives To Boost Renewable Energy

Indonesia is planning to introduce incentives aimed at attracting investment in its renewable energy sector. The country’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources recently announced that the government is mulling several incentives to bring large investments into its renewable energy sector, one of which could reduce the import duty on … [continued]

Indonesia Sets 19% Renewable Energy Target For 2019

Indonesia has announced a short-term target for increasing their share of renewable energy in the country’s energy mix. The south-east Asian country has announced a medium-term target for increasing the share of renewable energy in total energy use to 25% by 2025. The Indonesian government has now set a target to … [continued]