India EV charging

Utilities & EV Dreams in India

Guest blog by Nitish Arora and Jessica Korsh India needs to exponentially increase the number of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to power the potential 102 million EVs on the road in 2030. Reaching this target is essential to prevent a climate catastrophe and improve the unhealthy air quality for millions of Indians. A robust … [continued]

Clean Energy for Clean Transportation in India

Originally published on NRDC Expert Blog. By Sameer Kwatra, Co-authored with Nitish Arora India, the world’s fourth-largest renewables market and fifth-largest automobile producer, is also the world’s third-largest oil importer. By transitioning to renewable energy powered electric vehicles, the country can save billions on energy imports, drastically improve air quality in India’s cities, while … [continued]

Indian Government May Put EV Chargers At 69,000 Gas Pumps

The Indian government has occasionally expressed extremely bold electric vehicle plans. While it is doing a bit to pursue those dreams, it is far away from some of the loftier goals. However, one potentially new move could give a boost to e-mobility in the country — the government is considering a requirement that all gas stations (“petrol stations” as they and the Brits say) include EV chargers.

ABB Plans 4,500 EV Charging Stations Across India

ABB has become one of the world’s leading EV charging station suppliers, and it is now leading the way into the compelling Indian market. The Indian subsidiary of the European electrical equipment giant has given a glimpse of its aggressive plans to capture a major share of this potentially giant market as India pursues its mission to adopt electric vehicles on a large scale.