Imperial Valley

10 Reasons to Support Geothermal Energy

  Geothermal energy certainly doesn’t have the popularity of wind and solar power, but it is another great, cheap, renewable energy option that deserves a lot of support. The Geothermal Energy Agency (GEA) recently released a document on 10 reasons to support geothermal energy [PDF]. The full document includes a lot … [continued]

Imperial Valley’s Unique Combination of Solar and Geothermal Resources Make it a Hotbed of Renewable…

California’s Imperial Valley is rich in solar and geothermal energy resources, but its drive to build itself into a clean, renewable energy hub is creating some controversy among the local community, which in large part has been built around agriculture. County commissioners on Tuesday approved LS Power’s application to build the Centinela 275-MW solar photovoltaic energy array on private farmland, bringing the debate, and tensions, to the fore.