hydrokinetic energy

Waves & Tides Star As DOE Rekindles Marine Hydrokinetic Energy Program, Targeting Commercialization

We are happy to report waves and tides have returned to the US renewable energy research and development  boards by targeting hydrokinetic energy development. Though the marketplace has steered away from wave, tidal, and current energies, UtilityDIVE reports the Department of Energy has renewed its effort to develop a viable commercial market … [continued]

Eastern Seaboard Is A Tidal Energy Hotspot

Wave power has been grabbing the spotlight lately, but the US also has vast tidal power potential and the race is on to engineer a tidal energy device that can overcome some serious obstacles, namely interference with shipping, aquatic life, and recreation. It looks like a research team at Brown … [continued]

1st Commercial Hydrokinetic Projects Approved in US

New hydrokinetic energy technologies that generate electricity by harnessing the energy from ocean waves, tides, and river currents are advancing toward commercial development in the United States. They are not expected to add major power supplies anytime soon, but federal regulators this year approved licenses for two hydrokinetic energy projects to produce electricity from wave power buoys anchored off the Oregon coast and from underwater turbines driven by the current in New York City’s East River. […]