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The Top 10 Energy Storage Countries Are…

As renewable technologies begin to mature, more and more attention is focusing on energy storage, which has tremendous implications for the current makeup and economics of energy grids. BBC published a chart at the beginning of March that listed the top 10 nations of the world in terms of energy storage … [continued]

Solar News: Home Energy Storage Market To Explode, Vivint Solar CEO Says Republican Congress Could…

Here are some more great solar stories from around the interwebs, to complement our own solar stories: For Consumers 1. Going Solar Made Easier By Online Shopping Site and Staples Gift Cards 2. New Financing Models to Drive Demand for Commercial Solar 3. Crowdfunding Solar Power for the World’s Poorest People 4. This Social … [continued]

The researchers have created for the first time compounds made from mixtures of calcium hexaboride, strontium and barium hexaboride. From left: Scanning electron microscope image of hexaboride structure at the 5 micron scale; image at the 500 nanometers scale. Image Credit: Jacobs School of Engineering/UC San Diego

Safer, More-Efficient Storage Of Hydrogen With New Ceramic Materials

Hydrogen may soon become far easier (and safer) to store, thanks to the development of a new class of ceramic materials by researchers at the University of California, San Diego. The new materials are composed of a mixture of calcium hexaboride, strontium, and barium hexaboride — this is the first … [continued]