Image courtesy BLUETTI

BLUETTI Provides Hurricane Preparedness Guidelines Amid Recent Florida Storm

On August 30th, Hurricane Idalia struck Florida with destructive force, resulting in significant damage. The storm caused trees to split, roofs to be torn off buildings, and massive flooding. Proactive preparation is paramount to mitigate potential damage and ensure safety during such natural disasters. BLUETTI, a pioneering leader in innovative … [continued]

Schletter Delivers “Most Stable” Solar Tracker

The Schletter Group has emerged from its US unit’s bankruptcy earlier this year to begin delivering a new, more stable solar tracker to the North America, Asia, and Australia markets, with one recent sale in Zimbabwe. The company also is installing bifacial solar panels for the first time on its new tracker in Germany, says Christian Salzeder, the new chief sales officer for Schletter in Kirchdorf, Germany.