heat waves

Some U.S. Regions at Risk of Energy Shortfalls in Extreme Summer Conditions

Parts of the United States could be at risk for electricity supply shortages if electricity demand peaks are higher than anticipated or if less electricity is generated than expected, according to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC) 2024 Summer Reliability Assessment. Under normal summer demand conditions, NERC expects the continental … [continued]

The Southwest Power Pool (SPP) uses a more specific alert system than NERC. Source: Southwest Power Pool.

How Do Electric Grid Operators Warn Us About Extreme Heat?

Electricity grid operators often keep a wary eye towards the thermometer, particularly during the summertime danger season, as daily temperatures soar above 90 degree Fahrenheit and heat waves spread around the country. And for good reason: extreme heat events cause a host of reliability issues for the grid. Electricity demand … [continued]

Heat Wave Fries & Scorches USA

It’s expected that the US is going to see some temperature records broken (or shattered) today as much of the country is facing extreme heat. One expectation coming into the weekend was that Death Valley may even hit 130°F today. In general, the US Southwest is under extreme heat stress, … [continued]