grid interconnection

400 MW Denmark–Germany Grid Interconnection Approved By Denmark Government

Originally published on Cleantechies. The government of Denmark has approved an application for a new grid interconnection with Germany, according to recent reports. To be more specific, the Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Christian Lilleholt, approved’s application to invest into a new interconnection through the Baltic … [continued]

Dazzling Dozen US States Illuminate Path To Solar Energy Future

A solar energy revolution is dawning in America, led by the “Dazzling Dozen” – twelve states whose progressive policies dominate the solar industry with 85% of all US solar capacity but just 28% of the total population.

Environment America’s “Lighting the Way” report outlines their successful policies and illuminate the path forward to a nationwide clean energy economy.

5th Annual “Freeing the Grid” Report Released

Net metering and grid interconnection may not be as sexy as solar panel breakthroughs and consumer products, but I think they are at least as important. And I think the renewable energy advocates and experts who create the annual Freeing the Grid report agree with me.

Freeing the Grid is a policy guide that grades all 50 states on two key programs: net metering and interconnection procedures. The 2011 Edition of Freeing the Grid was released this week.