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Sleep Cleaner On Natural Latex Mattresses

We usually write about sustainability innovations on a larger scale: solar, wind, and EVs. But there are lots of smaller ways to live a greener and healthier life at home, and natural bedding is a huge part of that. Learn why natural latex mattresses offer a safer sleep so that you can sleep well and help us fight for our renewable future!

Household Cooking Appliances Get 1st Sustainability Standard

There are “green standards” or “sustainability standards” for all sorts of consumer goods, but have you ever found any for household cooking appliances? Probably not. A recent press release revealed a “first ever” voluntary sustainability standard for these household cooking appliances. Specifically, the cooking products in this category include convection, non-convection, and steam products such as … [continued]

Chicago 2030: Green Or Ashen?

Editor’s Note: This article is one submission in a live Masdar blogging contest (find out the entry requirements here). Very simply, the focus of the contest submissions is to: “Describe your city in 2030: what will occur due to changes in energy, transportation and water technologies, and how will they transform how you live?” We are sharing this submission here … [continued]