green chemistry

NYC Sewage Gets A First-of-Its Kind Green Makeover

Glycerol is better known as a common ingredient in pharmaceuticals, foods, soaps and perfumes, but lately it’s been wandering off into strange new territory, popping up here and there as a green chemistry alternative to petrochemicals. In the latest development, glycerol (aka glycerin or glycerine) has been successfully deployed as … [continued]

Toxic Metals in Your Water? No Problem, Have a Banana

Yes, we all know that thing about getting high from banana peels was a 1960’s hoax, but this is the real deal. A team of researchers has found that minced banana peels can clean pollution from river water, such as lead and copper. Not only that, but they can do it more quickly and efficiently than conventional chemical water treatments. Okay, so you’d probably need a ton of bananas to clean up a big site, but the discovery does have some implications for small scale uses, especially where budgets are tight.

Landfills Can Free Us from Petrochemicals

The gigantic waste hauling company Waste Management has been transforming itself into something of a jolly green giant, given its recycling operations, landfill gas recovery and sewage-to-biofuel ventures. In its latest move, company signed an agreement with the research firm Genomatica to develop processes for converting municipal landfill gas to … [continued]

New Bio-Based Adhesive Eliminates Toxic Petrochemicals

A newly discovered bio-based adhesive could help speed up the long, slow fade of petrochemicals.  Currently, a wide variety of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes get their stickiness from petroleum-based polymers (large molecules composed of strings of repeating units).  Now an almost accidental discovery by researchers at Oregon State University raises the … [continued]