Green buildings

Small Businesses Save Money With Green Buildings

Originally published on Green Building Elements. Mike Schoenecker, vice president at Winkelman Building Corp, says green buildings, defined as those that reduce their impact on the environment by being more energy efficient and using fewer natural resources while reducing waste and pollution, save money for business owners three ways. Increased Efficiency Means Lower Energy … [continued]

Melbourne Is Now A Certified Carbon Neutral City

Melbourne has reduced and offset its emissions to become a certified carbon-neutral city under Australia’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). The city has also launched several programmes to reduce its energy consumption and emission production as part of the Net Zero Emissions strategy. The city has identified four areas where significant … [continued]

Washington DC Requires Commercial Buildings To Track Energy And Water Use

Washington DC just took another step toward its goal of becoming the greenest city in America, with a new requirement for all large commercial buildings to report energy and water use.

As of April 1, 2013 all privately owned buildings over 100,000 square feet must benchmark their 2012 energy and water use to the District’s Department of the Environment and then continue reporting on an ongoing annual basis…

From Local to National, India to the US, Government Action Key to Low-Carbon Green Economic…

Local governments are taking actions to spur low-carbon green economy development that falls right in line and reinforces initiatives at the regional, national, and international levels, an encouraging sign that real progress can and is being made. Announcements this week from cities and local governments as geographically and culturally separated and diverse as Kolkata and Westport testify to the actions taking place. […]