graphene solar cells

Graphene Solar Cells Now One Step Closer — Graphene Retains Its Unique Set Of Properties…

Graphene solar cells are now one step closer to reality, thanks to a new discovery made by researchers at the HZB Institute for Silicon Photovoltaics. The discovery: the many impressive properties of graphene, such as extreme conductivity and “complete” transparency for example, are apparently completely unaffected by the application of … [continued]

Graphene/TMDC Combination For Next-Gen Solar Cells

By combining the wonder material graphene with other one-atom-thick materials, such as TMDC, to make stacks/2D-crystals, it becomes possible to produce an enormous range of superlative properties, and likely to create the “next generation” of solar cells, according to researchers from the University of Manchester and the National University of … [continued]

New Graphene Solar Cell Efficiency Record

  Woops, another day, another two solar records (not just the MiaSole solar record just announced). Researchers in the University of Florida’s physics department have reportedly set a new record for graphene solar cell efficiency. Here’s more from the University of Florida: Graphene solar cells are one of industry’s great hopes … [continued]