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Onyx Renewables: Onyx completed the installment of a 1.1MW solar and 1MWh storage solution for a major biotech company in Northern California in 2022. This project supplies a PV+Storage integrated solution to reduce power costs and manage the facility's peak energy demand.

Shining New Light On The Onsite Solar Market

Companies are facing increasing pressure to go green, and new federal benefits might make that easier than ever!

Communities Can Benefit from Wind Farms

The government in the UK has come up with a nice little incentive to promote wind farms in their local communties. For communities that allow windfarms to be built in their area, residents could see a decrease in the electric bill and maybe even a new playground or other beneficial infrastructure investment.

Lighting Efficiency Can Reduce Costs Up To 30%

  New energy-efficiency requirements have created a large market for energy-efficient lighting equipment in the US, and can reduce electrical costs by up to 30% per month. Consumers are eager to not only adopt products that have the least impact on the environment, but also reduce energy consumption. Rockefeller Foundation … [continued]

Hawaii Riding High On Solar Power

This guest post comes to us from Reginald Norris, Executive Vice President & General Counsel for Clean Energy Experts. Clean Energy Experts’s mission is to increase the adoption of economically and environmentally beneficial energy solutions by educating consumers through a portfolio of websites, and, on the facts about … [continued]