Goal Zero

Plowing With Honda Motorbikes Looks Fun — But Reveals An Actual Problem

At first I couldn’t help smiling, because it looked like these guys were just having fun with a new idea, but knowing this area from living there myself many years back, I suspected this was not just for the fun of it. I asked Tatila Anthony what motivated this practice, and he explained: “It’s used when people fail to access cattle. You know in Zambia cattle die as a result of diseases, so they resort to using Hondas for ploughing. The advantage is also that it is faster.”

Tomorrow’s Best Sustainable Innovations

In this story, the innovations of tomorrow are using bacteria to make cement, destroy harmful pollutants for better air quality, revolutionising the fishing industry, and making our cities more sustainable and comfortable. The innovative minds behind all of these sustainable solutions have spent years finding unique ways to make things a little bit better. So here is our series of “Tomorrow you will…”