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Internal Monsanto Emails Show Scientist Stating: “If Somebody Came To Me & Said They Wanted To Test Roundup I Know How I Would React — With Serious Concern”

August 3rd, 2017 | by James Ayre

A number of interesting documents were released on Tuesday as part of an ongoing lawsuit against Monsanto. Not our typical beat, this seemed worth drawing attention to here on CleanTechnica anyway. Overall, these documents seem to paint a pretty clear picture of a company working to bend the rules to suit its best interests, and also one where there was clear internal "debate" about the actual safety of its best-selling product, Roundup

Is Organic Agriculture a Myth, or a Viable Reality?

July 21st, 2011 | by Aaron Fown

Please forgive me for the long piece. But as someone with a lot of knowledge of pesticides and their use, and organic, new and novel farming techniques, I found this article by Scientific American to be an appalling hit piece against non-conventional agriculture. It's so laden with misdirection, half truths and outright lies that I feel the need to address it directly. The 'myths' that the author presents are already very much on the minds of people concerned about the future of our food system, but the way they are used here is highly deceptive, and twists what could be a thoughtful criticism of the industrialization of organic agriculture into a broad and baseless attack upon non-conventional agriculture as a whole. Allow me a moment, and let me demonstrate how these myths, though grounded in truth, are distorted into slanderous lies by the author. But, before I even get to the myths, a few statements in the opening paragraph deserve some scrutiny

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