GM Volt

Wrightspeed’s Series Hybrid Retrofit Kit For Garbage Trucks — Making Waste Cleanup Cleaner Than Ever

Good news for our waste haulers and urban environment — Wrightspeed’s new series hybrid powertrain retrofit sets a high standard anywhere waste needs picked up. Wrightspeed’s series hybrid retrofit waste haulers makes sense, saves money, and protects the environment. According to, waste haulers that use this retrofit can reportedly be … [continued]

GM Volt. Image Credit: Chevrolet

GM Aims To Cut Chevy Volt Cost By $10,000

The cost of the Chevy Volt might be cut by $7,000 to $10,000, according to recent reports. I have been following the electrification of vehicles closely since about 2008. I kept wishing that researchers would develop improved battery technology for electric vehicles, and I’ve seen it happen many times. The … [continued]