Getting Ready for Model 3

[UPDATED] CleanTechnica Webinar: Tesla Model 3 Interior Predictions, Preparations, & Prayers

We’re launching a new webinar series — “Electrifying” — and to squeeze some extra fun out of the Model 3 interior intrigue, we’re going to kick off with a chat about “Tesla Model 3 Interior Predictions, Preparations, & Prayers.” Our own Kyle Field, Roger Pressman of EV Annex (author of Getting Ready for Model 3), Viktor Irle of EV Volumes, and I will be chatting about what we’ve seen, what we expect, and what we dream for in our most optimistic moments.

1st Tesla Model 3 Book Is Superb — 3 Reasons Why

The good folks over at EV Annex had a great idea — publish the first Tesla Model 3 book*. When I was introduced to the idea, I thought, “That’s a neat idea,” but just thought it would be a book about the momentous arrival of the most important electric car in history, a car that is iconic as a symbol of the unprecedented transition from polluting cars to clean cars.