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New Utility-Scale Solar PV Inverter Technology Could Help Stabilize the Grid (Germany Case Study)

  New inverter technology for ‘utility-scale’ solar projects can reportedly help (big-time) in stabilizing the electric grid 24/7. “A new inverter technology allows inverters to act as phase-shift oscillators, thereby providing the grid with reactive power from solar plants even overnight – and lowering the cost of grid expansion considerably … [continued]

Solar PV Reducing Price of Electricity in Germany

Oh, the solar power haters* are going to love this one—a recent study by Germany’s Institute for Future Energy Systems (IZES), conducted on behalf of of the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar), has found that, on average, solar power has reduced the price of electricity 10% in Germany (on the EPEX exchange). It reduces prices up to 40% in the early afternoon, when electricity demand is peaking and electricity typically costs the most.

Germany: Talk of the Cleantech Town this Week

Germany is all the talk lately. And for obvious reasons. It’s already a world leader in clean energy and now its decided to close all of its nuclear power plants by 2022 (as I reported a little more than a month ago). This has instigated political controversy, wild claims, clean energy enthusiasm, and a number of new reports. It has also helped to light a fire under other countries slower to react on the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan and slower to implement progressive clean energy policies to tackle catastrophic global climate change.

A number of stories focused on Germany have popped up this week that I thought I’d give a little extra attention to.