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1500V Photovoltaic Operation from Belectric

Belectric, a world market leader in photovoltaic system integration, has integrated the world’s first 1500-volt operation into the grid. The open-space solar power plant is the first to utilize the full power bandwidth defined by the European Union’s Low Voltage Directive, and could result in […]

Colorado to be Home to GE Thin-Film Solar Plant, Largest in the US

Folks out in Denver, Colorado applauded an announcement Thursday night from Gov. John Hickenlooper that GE had chosen Colorado, more specifically the Denver suburb of Aurora, as the site for a new thin-film solar manufacturing plant. GE anticipates investing as much as $600 million in the plant, which is expected to employ 400 workers involved in manufacturing as much as 400-megawatts (MW) worth of thin-film solar panels, enough to power 80,000 homes a year.

General Electric Wants to Sell You Everything

Paul Browning, Vice President at General Electric, came out this past week saying that a move to natural gas and renewable energy will be the global long-term trend.

At one level, this is a rather uncontroversial statement. The major options for electricity generation include coal, natural gas, nuclear and renewable energy options like wind, solar, hydro and biomass.