Sustainable Paper’s Best Kept Secret: Biogas

Having spent 17 years working at a paper plant in a wide variety of roles, I am passionate about finding and sharing solutions for industries built around fossil fuels. The papermaking process is extremely energy intensive and requires thermal energy to dry paper, making it a challenging nut to crack. The path taken by Rolland to clean up its energy footprint is encouraging for the papermaking industry and serves as a model for other gas-consuming industries.

New Research Shows That Only Two Large Petroleum Companies Have Meaningful Emission Reduction Targets

New research from the Transition Pathway Initiative dug into the world’s ten largest public oil and gas companies to develop a bottom-up picture of their long term emissions glide paths and came back with some not-so-surprising conclusions. The research found that only two of the ten companies have publicly committed to reducing emissions as required to achieve the Paris climate agreement.

Trump Fiddles As Fossil Fuels Burn

Coal and nuclear power are both dying, falling victim to natural gas and renewable energy. Trump used to blame the Democrats, and especially “Obama’s war on coal.” He used to take the position that removing subsidies for renewable power would be sufficient to bring a renaissance to the coal industry. But despite his efforts, coal plants have just kept closing.