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Reducing NOx emissions will help with smog. Photo by Call Me Fred on Unsplash.

Bay Area Sets NOx Emissions Standards for Gas Water Heaters & Furnaces, Effectively Ending Sales…

Big news for clean air last week. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) adopted amendments requiring the elimination of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from new water heaters by 2027 and new furnaces by 2029. We’ve been hearing about the indoor pollution from gas stoves this year. Gas water … [continued]

Gas Stoves Emit Pollution Even When Not In Use!

It is widely known that gas production and transportation both result in methane leakage, but a new study found that appliances, such as stoves, leak dangerous methane — even when they are not being used. These results are concerning because methane is a powerful climate pollutant that has a global warming potential … [continued]

Bringing Back Clean Air

Originally published on By Christian Roselund, Ali Rotatori, Ben Holland With the promise of vaccines curtailing the spread of COVID, states and economies are beginning to open up again, and we find ourselves getting back not only the good but also some of the negative aspects of pre-pandemic life. Businesses are … [continued]