Future Looking Bright For Envision Solar

This post first appeared on San Diego Loves Green by Roy L Hales Anyone who thinks that share price tells all should listen to theStockradio.com’s interview with Envision Solar’s CEO, Desmond Wheatley. (Click here to access it.) During the past two year the company’s share price has dropped from 55 to … [continued]

Tough Road Ahead for Nuclear Power

Several experts have recently made it clear that they think nuclear power isn’t going to be growing any time soon, and will continue to experience popular criticism and fear, especially in light of the recent damage taken by the Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan. In a heavy-handed opening to a … [continued]

America’s Energy Future a Battle Between Entrenched Utilities and Clean, Local Power

While Americans transition their electricity system to the 21st century, they should ask this question: Does it make sense to pursue strategies such as accelerating the development of new high-voltage power lines that reinforce an outdated paradigm of electricity delivery, or should scarce energy dollars be spent on adding new, clean, local energy to the grid in the most cost-effective manner? […]

Copenhagen: Not Enough…Tuvalu Gone, But Still Hope for NYC

Copenhagen moved the process forward. Like the Kyoto Accord when it was first agreed to in 1997, it is not yet a legally binding treaty.

The Kyoto accord only became legally binding in 2005, and only then because that was when Russia signed the agreement. The protocol had to be ratified by enough nations to account for at least 55% of greenhouse gas emissions in order to become a valid, binding treaty, and once Russia signed, that threshold was reached. And really it took from 1992, when the Rio agreement focused attention on the problem; till 2005 for it to become legal and binding. These things take time.