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Nuclear Reactor Restarts in Japan Have Reduced LNG Imports for Electricity Generation

After the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi accident, Japan suspended operations at all of its remaining 48 nuclear power reactors by 2013 and relied almost exclusively on imported natural gas to replace the lost electricity generation. In 2015, Japan allowed its first nuclear power reactor to resume operations. As of December 2022, 11 … [continued]

Despite Protest At Home And Abroad, Japanese Government To Start Ocean Dumping Of Nuclear Wastewater…

The Japanese government has given the greenlight for Fukushima’s nuclear wastewater to start being dumped in the Pacific ocean from Thursday August 24th, despite widespread protest both in Japan, and in neighbouring countries. “We are deeply disappointed and outraged by the Japanese Government’s announcement to release water containing radioactive substances … [continued]

Fukushima Pledges To Go 100% Renewable

Originally published on ThinkProgress. By Ari Phillips. The province of Fukushima in northeast Japan, devastated nearly three years ago by the earthquake and tsunami that caused a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, has pledged to go 100 percent renewable by 2040. The energy will be generated through … [continued]

Japanese Public Protests Plan to Reopen Nuclear Reactors

Japan has long had strong feelings on the subject of nuclear energy, only heightened by the tsunami and subsequent meltdown in Fukushima last spring. The prospect of returning to nuclear power sparked a show of public opposition on Monday in Tokyo, with at least 20,000 participants (according to the police) and perhaps as many as 60,000 (according to various media reports).