Fridays for Future

Averting Climate Change Is Up To Us

Right now, we have the technologies to make big leaps in the fight for a future based on the principle of climate justice which puts the interest of its people first. What we need are decision makers who are willing to commit themselves to ambitious climate action and not postpone inconvenient processes to their successors.

Citizen-Led Climate Activism Is A Catalyst For Change

The fact that a 16-year-old schoolgirl is the face of a new global movement is both a cause for celebration and a source of consternation. We should celebrate Greta Thunberg for having the courage and tenacity to not only start a movement, but the strength to continually build and grow it. We should be concerned that in the light of all we know about climate change, we still need a global campaign of citizen-led activism to force politicians and world leaders to take urgent and essential action.

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Become A Climate Activist Than Now. Here’s…

For our planet to remain habitable, we have to change everything. To move away from fossil fuels, we have to transform the way we eat, commute, live, consume, and travel. And we have to raise our voices — not just the youth, but people of all ages. In order to save our future, we have to become climate activists. The timeframe has been set a long time ago and we are approaching its end with increasing pace.