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Tesla Doubles Supercharging Referral Bonus To 2,000 Free Miles In Q3 Sales Push

Tesla’s referral program has been an effective tool for the company to promote car sales. By using a referral code or link to order your new Tesla, both you (the buyer) and the referring owner get free Supercharging. Until today, that bonus was 1,000 miles of free Supercharging for buyer and referrer. But Tesla just announced that it is doubling that bonus to 2,000 free Supercharging miles for any Tesla car purchased and delivered before October 1, 2019. Tesla has also extended this 2,000 mile Supercharging bonus to those who order a Tesla solar power system before October 1.

Tesla Referral Program — How Does A Referral Code Work; What Do I Get?

Though it’s been making and selling purely electric cars since 2008, Tesla still spends next to nothing on marketing and advertising. Instead, the company relies mostly on word of mouth from existing owners and excitement from bloggers, YouTube influencers, and journalists to sell cars. To this end, the Tesla referral program has been an effective tool in bringing new customers to the brand.