free EV charging

Charging spot, Woolies Mount View, Queensland. Photo courtesy of Majella Waterworth.

Discrimination At The Pump? No Love For EV Drivers?

Most Australians shop at either Coles Supermarkets or Woolworths Supermarkets. When we do, we not only get points, but also a discount on petrol purchases. Is this discrimination against the small percentage of Aussies who now drive electric cars? I posed this question across several Facebook groups in Australia and … [continued]

I ♥ ChargePoint

I wrote recently that I’ve had electric cars in Florida for two years and haven’t spent a dime on charging. Nine months were in a BMW i3 (and then we were gone for 3 months) and one year was in a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. The free charging has been one of the big benefits of driving electric.

Free Electric Miles Win Customers

In the summer of 2019, Volta partnered with CleanTechnica to conduct an international survey about electric vehicle drivers (and non-EV drivers). The survey gathered almost 10,000 responses across the US and Europe/UK.

The substantial amount of data we were able to gather (thanks to you, CleanTechnica readers!) is invaluable and gives us a glimpse into the frontline of the electric vehicle revolution. To read more about the survey data and what our research found, you can see the preview and full report here.

In the article below, the Volta team summarized some of the data that was most interesting to their company.