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ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image of a major highway truck stop exclusively servicing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, including trucks, cars, and motorcycles.

Wait, What? Two New Hydrogen Motorcycle Projects Keep The Hopium Coming

In today’s news that makes you go hmmm.… A couple of recent news items from some well-known organizations caught my eye, not just because they are both working on hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle projects, but also because the names of both institutions have a certain cachet in the tech world … [continued]

Rubber Tree Inspires New Self-Repairing Plastic

Take the weight advantage of plastic, add the ability to self-repair small cracks before they become big cracks, and you’ve got yourself a durable new material that could improve the lifespan for thousands of ordinary objects, and help to reduce energy demand in vehicles and machines. That’s the idea behind … [continued]